5 Tips for Staying HEALTHY on Vacation


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going camping this summer – whoohoo!
Ok, I admit, it’s in a very nice trailer (thanks, Morgan family!), and a posh campground that serves pancake breakfasts every day and has free wi-fi, ha ha ha! But still, I’m out of my comfort zone, out of my house, out of my kitchen, and a little out of my control when it comes to what foods I’ll have available!

In an effort to stay healthy this summer vacation, I asked my awesome personal trainer Justin Weis for some easy tips for how to eat on a road trip, and basic exercises I can do anywhere, even camping in the woods! Here is Part 1 of two articles: How to Eat Healthy on Vacation! (Look for Part 2: Five Basic Exercises on Vacation, coming soon!)

Hey all! Justin Weis with Fit For Life Training here with a special guest post on staying fit and healthy while enjoying the summer break.  Summer is here and many of us will be traveling, and the first thing that usually gets sacrificed is our workout routine.  Well, with these five simple steps, you can have your cake and eat it too (metaphorically speaking).  Follow these five rules and you can enjoy your travels without the guilt and stay fit and healthy all summer long.  

Step 1 – DRINK!
Lots and lots of water! Lack of water slows our metabolism and with the increase of sodium in our diet due to eating out, your body is literally screaming for agua!  Stay hydrated especially while traveling in the car or airport to help feel great during your trip.  Speaking of drinking, it is not unheard of to enjoy a nice cocktail during your travels but try and stick with red wine, vodka and avoid drinks with soda mixers and high sugar content.

Step 2 – Snack
Airports and gas stations are not known for their healthy fare.  Try and plan your snacks before you leave.  I like peanut butter and celery sticks, carrot sticks, beef jerky, and above all else, Pistachios.  Fun fact, pistachios only contain about 3 calories per nut but take about 2 calories just to open.   Just don’t cheat and get the pre-shelled variety.

Step 3 – Sleep
Our bodies need sleep to function properly.  Sleep is not only important to feel bright and alert, but lack of sleep decreases our bodies ability to burn calories.  If you are finding that there aren’t enough hours during the night, learn from our European friends and take a siesta in the middle of the day.

Step 4 – Exercise*
Even getting a little bit of exercise each day keeps your body firing on all cylinders.  Rather than taking a taxi back to the hotel after dinner, walk back.  Try and find local activities that encourage the kids to get some fresh air.  Or if you are interested in something a little more planned, simply follow my 10 minute Fat Buster routine in the next article!

Step 5 – Eat!
Just because you are trying to stay healthy, doesn’t mean you have to limit your meals to lettuce and kale.  Some great and healthy choices for restaurants are Thai food (skip the white rice) and Mexican (pass on the cheese, chips, and tortillas; load up on the guacamole).  Skip the chips and bread at the table, it’s just going to fill you up anyway.  And if you really must indulge in beignettes (if you have to ask, you need to try them) down a glass of grapefruit juice before.  It limits the amount of damage you are able to do to your body in a single sitting.

ontheroad2Follow these rules and when you return home, you may be in better shape than when you left!
Committed to your success –
Justin Weis
Fit For Life Training
P.S.  I will be running a special for anyone looking to take advantage of the summer months to get into the best shape of their lives.  Starting July 15, I will be running a 21 day special for $21.  That’s three weeks of training, three days a week for the price of two movie tickets (or three martinis).  Space is limited to the first 50 people, however, so email me at BoiseFitForLife@gmail.com for more info.

Next article coming soon; 10 Minute Fat Buster Routine you can do ON VACATION, or anywhere!

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