Coach Christmas Giveaway!

coach giveaway

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is almost here!
Have you finished your gift list? It seems that many people this year – my family included! – are trying to focus less on getting, and more on giving. To that end, I have some gifts for YOU! This Christmas, I’m giving away an ipad mini case from Coach, that doubles as a clutch! It’s black & glittery & oh so pretty! Along with it, I have a gold glittery wristlet, perfectly-sized to hold your essentials for holiday parties! (I’ve linked the product descriptions into the last sentence, in case you were wondering about size dimensions, cost, etc.)

Both are authentic, new with tags, and come gift wrapped! I want to give you one, but I also would like you to give the other away! I’ll leave the decision of which is which, up to you.

HERE’S HOW TO WIN: Did you see my recent article about fashion designer & Project Runway star Bryce Black? You can read/view it here, if you missed it. Be sure to watch the video by Sunny Daze!!! In the video interview, Bryce expressed that when he was younger, he did not get a lot of support from his family, friends, and community. He had to work hard to prove himself, believe in himself, and show the world he had something very special to give to the fashion community! Now, he is surrounded by love & support, and everyone pitching in to help him pursue his dreams.

20131103_0126WEBPHOTO: Sunny Daze Photography

So here’s what I would like YOU to do, to win these two Coach holiday gifts: Think about the people around you! Your family, friends, loved ones… Is there someone in your life who has expressed a dream and a passion,Β  but isn’t really getting the support you think they truly deserve? I want you to tell me about them! COMMENT below or on the Bryce Black article. Tell me about the aspiring dancer, painter, musician, hair stylist, architect, video game designer, or whoever in your life has a passion that you want to express support for! Tell the world how amazing you think they are, and that you believe in them and their dreams! And please, be sure to share what you write with them, so that they know you feel that way, even if you’ve never before expressed it in words.

This is your chance, to shine a spotlight on someone special. Next Saturday, I will pick my top three favorite comments/stories, and post them on my Facebook page, so everyone can see the awesome things you’ve said about your loved ones! From there, I’ll select a winner for the Coach gifts.

Ready, set… GO!



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16 thoughts on “Coach Christmas Giveaway!

  1. Rock star Tanya,

    First let me say how inspiring this is! I meet people everyday who don’t know how awesome they are and aren’t able to see how we view them. It’s so important to help people see their own inner awesome. We all need that support & love, it helps us grow in so many ways.

    Second, this Pay it Forward idea is way cool & in perfect time with the holiday season. Kudos to you!

    A little background: I come from a fairly large family. There are 3 of us girls and 1 brother, (poor guy). When I was growing up my family did everything they could to allow us the things we wanted, actually they still do. It wasn’t always easy for them but we never went without. I’m not just talking about monetary items either. They dedicated time to mold us into the adults we are today.

    Inspiration: My mother has not only been the anchor of our family but she always puts herself last. It wasn’t until later in life that I realized how much my mom sacrificed for us. I remind her everyday now of how grateful I am to have someone who was such an outstanding role model. She was always kind, patient and made us feel like we could do anything! Now THAT is inspiring!

    Now, I get to work with my mom everyday and offer her little tokens to remind her of how much I love, support & appreciate her. Working with your family rocks!

    I do not need these lovely items but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate that you’re doing this, it’s really awesome! I know how much time and effort go into posts like this and you deserve to be acknowledged πŸ™‚



    1. Kristalina, thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your sweet and encouraging words! Your mother sounds like a truly inspiring woman, and is probably so very blessed to know how much you love & adore her! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for your comments!!!


  2. Boy you sure know how to get people thinking.. Great article by the way, and thank you for doing this.

    There are many people who don’t get the support they so seek and desire. I myself am one of those people. As an actress it’s difficult to be taken seriously and be encouraged to do a job that may be almost impossible to accomplish. But I don’t want to talk about me, it’s my brother, Jr Camacho who I want to bring attention to. He is an amazing artist, truly gifted but has never been encouraged to follow his dreams and do what he loves. I encourage him as often as I can, but I am one person, plus he believes I’m being bias… (I might be.. A little..) No way, this guys can draw life and character in to anything he puts on paper. When we were younger, our parents didn’t really know to encourage their children, we were tought to work hard to provide for our families, so it’s what we did.

    I wish I could show you his work, you would agree with me. Maybe you can take the time to search him on Instagram, @truebeast009 he has some Of his work there. I want him to know that he can provide for his family doing exactly what he loves. I want him to know how great OTHER people think he is, not just me. Because, not only is he a great artist but he’s a great person with a heart of gold.. (Kinda funny too..)

    He may not be able to use a Coach clutch for himself, but it would be a great gift for his fiancΓ© who is expecting their first child!

    Gift or no gift, I want him to know that anything is possible.. He just has to believe he can..

    Anna Camacho


    1. Wow, Anna, I agree with you; his art is fantastic!!! And I’m not biased. He is truly a gifted and talented young man, and deserves to be in the spotlight. πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing his story with us!!!


  3. As soon as I started to read this, I knew exactly who that person was in my life. My youngest cousin has been dealt a hard hand to say the least. This past summer her mother literally abandoned her to leave for New York with her boyfriend (we are in Washington, not DC). Her mother is mentally unstable and her dad is an alcoholic. Currently she is living with him in Oregon along with three of his roommates. She was in a program to receive a scholarship to any school in Washington state as along as she got decent grades while attending a Washington state school. Now that she is in Oregon, that contract no longer stands.

    Although she is surrounded by such a mess, the girl herself is a GEM. She is only 16 years old but I have no doubt that she will be someone. She is one of the most amazing singers I have ever known and is constantly blowing me away with every performance I get to attend. She was always begging her mother to watch her at the school talent show EVERY YEAR and her mother never went. My family (her aunt’s family) are the only people supporting her.

    Nearly our entire family has a tendency to be overweight and she lets it get to her. She is very shy and it’s so sad that she doesn’t realize what a gift she has, not just in her voice but as the caring person that she is. Last year she got to sing the national anthem at a school assembly. I wasn’t able to go but she was so excited. Disappointingly, it wasn’t a big deal to anyone else really, but I was so proud of her.

    I hope that even if she doesn’t receive the support she so desperately craves from other people that she will find it within herself. Everyone in her life is so preoccupied with their own lives to stop and appreciate who she is. She dreams of going to New York and becoming famous. Everyone always rolls their eyes but I know that they’ll be the same fools kicking themselves later.

    This girl must have some of that glitter in her veins. I hope she’s just not too covered in dust to be able to see it for herself.



    1. Melody, your cousin sounds like an amazing young woman! My heart breaks for the struggles she’s encountered, in getting the love & support she truly deserves! I’m sure she is blessed to have people like you in her life, to encourage and help her. Keep it up, and with people like you in her corner, I’m sure she will achieve those dreams! XOXO!


  4. When I read your request looking for individuals who do not get the encouragement and support they deserve I immediately thought of our youngest daughter. Although her passion, if you ask her, is to play volleyball in college, I see her special gifts in how she treats people in her world, young and old. She has made five moves with her family across the United States and back and has faced the challenges this brings with grace, an incredible openness, and kindness to everyone she meets.

    The past move occurred during her high school years. She has faced imposed social isolation, ridicule and both physical and verbal bullying with a quiet resolve, a kind heart (albeit a sad heart) and repeated disappointments with a resiliency her parents have yet to develop to the same capacity. Her dreams of a memorable high school experience, making new friends, enjoying activities and learning about herself through these relationships has not happened. But, she continues to treat everyone as she would like to be treated, with respect, care and a positive attitude that belies what she has experienced in the past three years.

    She understands what is important in life; she lives her values despite what life has given back to her recently. She is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. She is a special young woman who will do great things in her life. She is my hero!


  5. I remember watching the interview with Bryce Black and even then thinking about my husband David! David is an incredible musician with a strong vocalist! When he was a child he told his mom that he wanted to sing a song at church and she replied by saying “our family doesn’t sing.” He still loved music so when he was a teenager he bought a guitar and taught himself how to play. He went to college as a music major because he wanted to learn more and get better at guitar. As part of his required course load he had to take vocal training. When his voice coach heard him sing he instantly encourage him to audition for Concert Choir! (the top choir in school with all the best singers!) Now as an adult he is pursing a career as a Worship Leader/Pastor! He has had a lot of back and forth from friends and family about his ability to do this, but I know he can!


    1. I forgot to add that even now as he is applying for jobs and finishing up his degree, it seems like everyone continues to try and “bring him back down to reality,” But big things don’t happen to those who are practical or “realistic”… Big things happen for the dreamers! I keep telling him not to let everyone else’s “realism” get to him. He needs to just focus on his goal and ignore the people who say it can’t be done!

      (Please don’t mind my typos on the first part. That was embarrassing when I read it after posting… oops!)


  6. Without a doubt, the most inspirational women in my life is my mother. She has so many attributes that draws in others around here.She is a wonderful mother of four girls and wife who always puts her family first in every decision she makes.

    She is a hair stylist who had worked at many different salons around Boise until she knew it was time to open her own. Her drive to create a salon unlike any other brought out her creative side. Many of the decor items in her salon are made from local artists, like the Women of Steel, Boise Art Glass, and a striving young painter right out of high school who created murals to spice up the white walls from the building next door.

    While in the process of finding decor suitable for the salon she began making chandeliers and displays herself. But even more impressively, she created these items out of old recycled materials. One could find her head deep at Pacific Steel and Recycling in the metal bins with her bright red heels flinging around, searching for scraped materials she can make something beautiful out of. And thus began her love to make something old, new again. Walking into her salon today the walls are lined with displays she has made out of old bolts and parts, chandeliers with metal scraps that glisten under the light, and shelves with a rustic antique feel. Her displays have been used at many events around Boise, for instance the Aveda hair class/show in the Powerhouse last year used her displays to show products. And she also decorated the displays for a beauty supply store in the Belgravia Building.

    Another talent of my mother is her jewelry. In our basement she has her own designated desk in which she uses to create many wonderful necklaces and bracelets that have a vintage and rustic feel that I have not seen in any other jewelry. She has also sold these beautiful creations in many boutiques and consignment stores around Boise. Her free time is spent creating something out of nothing, and I have never meet anyone more inspiring.

    Overall I would just like to show the world how creative my mother is. She does so much for her business, the community, and her family. I look up to her in so many ways and I hope someday I can be as creative as her. She is a busy person, but somehow manages to do so many things in her life. I haven’t even begun to explain all the creative things she does, and I would love nothing more than to show my appreciation for her. She is truly an amazing woman and I am so incredibly blessed to have her as my mother.


  7. It sounds like there is quite a few people’s mothers who have done some very selfless & amazing things!! A lot of strong women out there!
    I too would have to say my mother as well. I am the youngest of 5 children & my dads only child. To say the least, yes I was kind of spoiled & daddy’s little girl.
    My siblings & I were always very active in sports & dance, & whole my mom went from job to job to make more money or get better hours, she never missed one of our events.
    Rough times came for me when I was the only child left in the house. Struggles with my parents marriage, me finding my identity. Nonetheless I was a huge victim of school bullying.
    But really, I could always find comfort & a safe haven to talk to my mom.
    I became pregnant as a teenager @ that woman bent over backwards to guide me. Did I get a TV show? Hell no! I made sure I understood my actions & fixed my situation.
    My whole pregnancy was my decision. She was there to support me no matter the path I took.
    I got a job which she drove me to until I could buy my own car. I bought my own clothes, food, paid rent (when I could) & paid my bills. I am so very thankful for the toughness instilled in me, and that strength to do all of those came from her.
    Years have passed, my teenage pregnancy child is almost 9, and I still look to my mother for guidance.
    Some tough times have fallen on her, some very private which I can’t share, and how she is still functioning, I don’t know.
    She will take the weight of the world, my problems, my families problems, finances, work, death…and carry them until they are fixed! She is my hero & my mentor. I look up to her every time the hurt comes & she powers through it. She needs a light & a hand to hold. I try to do that for her when I can. I can only pray God will grant her Grace in the near future. This woman deserves something beyond a materialistic medal for her sacrifices. Something so grand, I can’t even come up with it!
    I can only hope I can one day have her strength and compassion to change this world for the better cause, like she has changed my life in to the miracle & blessing that it is.

    Thank you!
    Sorry it was so long. Clearly I needed to get that out.



  8. There are so many inspiring people in my little world, but the one that blows me away the very most is Unique Irish. She is one of the most talented and creative people I know. She raises her kids, cares for her home, loves the world and the people in it AND is The best makeup artists I have ever had the pleasure to work with. This woman should be making crap tons of money, but she struggles every day. I wish for her a very prosperous 2014!!!!


  9. The person that hasn’t been supported to her full potential is my 11year old Daughter. She wants to become a fashion designer in which she has gifted skills in sketching, yet I can not afford all that she needs due to fact she has two other siblings and I had recently adopted my two nieces from foster care. So financially I haven’t been able to keep her supplies or work space area up to par. Her bed was recently broken by other family members visiting so her mattress is in the floor all she is asking from me is a bed a computer and computer desk so she can work on her sketches! She has been a High Honor student since the third grade now she is in the 6th grade soon to be seventh! She has been in Jazz/Tap classes as a toddler then she did Cheerleading for two years, she joined Odyssey of the Mind and has been on Student Council! With all this talent I really don’t want to go to waste on account of my failures!

    Thank you and God Bless!


  10. I just waited a few months until the Sidney Love Comics hobo bag I wanted one was on sale and I could afford it to give my sister. I don’t care, the record shop owner in Chicago is a good man so I got it.

    $50 with shipping. Would’ve bought it last September for her birthday if I could have.


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