How to Get Long Hair & the Colors You Want Without Waiting!

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remember this bob?
I rocked a magenta short bob for quite a few years, and have to admit, I miss it sometimes. But I’m a girl who loves change! Like, e v e r y – d a r n – d a y. It drove me a little crazy that I couldn’t “do” anything with my bob – it just was what it was! Short, shiny, classy… But always exactly the same.

So I tried to swap the magenta for blue, and it was really hard on my hair. Apparently, years of dying your hair one color group makes it really tough to switch to another! For a short while I rocked a black bob with blue ends.

The Jeans I'll be Wearing All Over Europe
Photo by Aubrey Bower

I did my best with it, but found that the blue faded SO FAST. On a trip to Germany last summer, the hard hotel water turned my hair brassy brown, and stripped the blue to green & muddy grey in about a week. I needed to find another solution, and grow out the damage that all the bleaching had done to my poor frizzled bob.stylespygirl dagstuhlBut how to you grow your hair out fast, AND get the color you want? Ta-da: EXTENSIONS! They’re magic, and I love them. Thanks to my Babe Tape-in Extensions, I’ve been able to leave my hair alone, let it recover and grow, and achieve a level of blue ombre that would have destroyed my natural hair with bleaches and dyes. I know some people think extensions are weird, but I’ve been playing with extra hair pieces since I was a teenager and found my mother’s “braids” that she wore in the 60’s to amp up her style! Women have been utilizing hair that didn’t come from their own heads for centuries, back to even the ancient Egyptians who shaved their heads for work in the hot sun, but threw on piles of waxed braids to go out & party.

There are many different kinds of extensions on the market right now, like braiding and weaves, clip-in and keratin fusion. It would be too long to list them all here, but I found a great guide if you’re researching what might work best for you:

Local stylist Jennifer Engberg at Turning Heads Studio is a “BABE HAIR” extension professional with years of training. She uses tape-in Babe extensions for my colorful long pieces, and thanks to her skill, experience, and creativity, my chin-length bob has grown twice it’s original length! No damaging heats or glues are used in her process, so my hair feels healthy and strong. stylespygirl hair extensions 3

Jennifer created a gorgeous ombre blue effect, which starts as navy at the top, moves down to electric blue, fades to pastel blue, and finally a hint of whitish silver at the bottom. stylespygirl hair extensions 4By carefully taping the wefts to my own hair throughout my head, Jennifer brings length, fullness, and gorgeous color into my overall style. stylespygirl hair extensions 6

In progress…stylespygirl hair extensions 8And then she trims, curls, and styles it. Check out this before & after!stylespygirl hair extensions 11I love my blue hair, and I love that my real hair is growing longer & healthier. And I also love Jennifer! It’s been such a delight to get to know this beautiful, creative genius of a woman, and I’m grateful for her help in creating this dramatic new look for me. retro hunny plaid dressPhoto by Valerie Davenport


If you want to dream up something special with Jennifer, or just enjoy a day of pampering, here’s your chance! I’m teaming up with Turning Heads Studio to giveaway a Back To School hair & nails package. (Your kids are back in school, so come get some “me time” and pampering!) 😀

Winner will receive a consultation, cut and style from Jennifer Engberg, and gel nails plus pedicure from her coworker Stephanie at their salon in Middleton. Winner must be local to the Treasure Valley area, as transportation for this contest is not provided.

How to Enter:

1. Comment below and tell me about YOUR dream hair. If you could do anything, what would it be?

2. Click here to Like the Turning Heads Salon page on Facebook.

3. Winner will be randomly selected Sunday, Sept. 20th and announced on both the Turning Head’s Facebook page and my StyleSpyGirl Facebook page here.

Good luck! 😀


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Wanna Be A Babe? Ooh-la-la, it’s the HAIR!

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by Alysha Kautz

Have you ever dyed your hair, loved it for a day, and then cried as all the brightness washed down your shower drain? Or pumped up your limp locks with so much product, even gale force winds couldn’t knock it down?

Do you ever wish your hair was thicker? Or longer? Or just plain… MORE??? Admit it: you want BABE Hair!

Thanks to BABE, the newest thing in professional extensions, any woman can have fabulous hair! These lovely locks are not the frizzy, crunchy, slightly-annoying extensions of years gone by. They don’t pull or pinch, nor do they break off chunks of your own hair when your friend’s new baby grabs your ponytail and YANKS!

“Babes” are comfortable, top-quality, non-damaging, and when done properly, completely inconspicuous! (Unless of course, you go for some wild, bright color… like me,  ha ha ha!)

A few years ago, I had a dark “bob” cut, with magenta color in the back (see pic, left). Getting & keeping this color was SO hard on my hair, I had to take a break from bleaching & coloring and stick with something more natural. I had almost given up hope that I could ever have bright colors in my hair again, when a friend told me about BABE extensions! I just HAD to give it a try. 🙂

I went to Rumors Salon, and met with their pro extension stylist, Dani Redfern.

To apply these fabulous extensions, Dani separates sections of your hair, applies a weft of BABE hair under a section with special adhesive, then sandwiches another weft onto the top. Because so much of your own hair is attached in the middle, there’s no pulling or pain, unlike what you can experience with clip-ins or beaded extensions.

The best part is: you can wear them, sleep in them, style them, and treat them pretty much like your own hair! No crunch, muss, or annoying discomfort.

The original application lasts a couple months. Later, when the grow-out gets annoying, Dani can dissolve the glue with a special solvent, and re-use the same wefts of hair; simply move them up, and re-glue! Each weft can be re-used 2-3 times before you need to purchase a new weft, making these extensions truly the best bang for your buck.

Sound too good to be true? I tried it, and was SO impressed by the results!

If you could have soft, healthy, colorful hair, what brilliant shade would YOU choose? Stop by & see Dani Redfern at Rumors Salon on Fairview ~(208) 949-4121 ~ and get the BABE hair you’ve always wanted! 🙂


Style Spy Girl



Special thanks to Alysha Kautz, for the fabulous photos!!!

Check out more of her work HERE